About the Directory

The International Directory of Essential Oil Distillers connects individuals and businesses with essential oil distillers and hand-picked distributors from around the world. The easy to use directory is updated regularly with distiller profiles filled with personal stories, photographs, and contact information for importing essential oils. Click here for a free tour.

Directory Features

The directory currently has contact information for distillers from a wide variety of countries. Each distiller has a profile with pictures, a list of the oils produced, contact information and stories about the distiller and their business.  If the distiller has a website it is listed. About 40 of the distillers have websites, the others must be contacted by email. This allows subscribers to get an inside look at distillers before contacting and importing essential oils.

The directory database allows subscribers to sort information to find specific oils and all the distillers that sell those oils. Aromahead Institute founder Andrea Butje has personally worked with many of the distillers and distributors listed in the directory.

Distiller and Supplier Criteria

Aromahead Institute encourages and supports production of high-quality essential oils. The directory is of no cost to the distillers and suppliers listed. Distillers dedicate their lives to the passionate and labor-intensive work of growing, harvesting, distilling and selling high quality essential oils for medicinal use.

The subscriber fee of $250.00 a year supports the ongoing work of this project and the opportunity for distillers to promote their essential oils.

Potential distillers fill out a questionnaire that helps Aromahead Institute determine whether or not the distiller is a good fit. A sample of the distillers’ oils are tested with GC/MS to assure quality.

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The directory is an amazing resource and I hope it offers you a doorway into the wonderful world of buying oils directly from distillers.

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