How does the directory work?

Simply register online, and we will send you an email within minutes containing your personal password and username. Return to our site, login, and begin locating sources of essential oils.

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What does the directory cost for a one-year membership?

There is an annual membership fee of $250 per year. There is a $50 renewal fee after the first year (we will send you a renewal reminder email). The distillers are added to the directory for free, so the membership pays for the directory.

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Once I locate a source for the oils I want, what do I do?

Our directory provides members with complete contact information for every source listed. Use this information to make direct contact with the distiller or distributor for the company. The company will then be able to answer any questions you have.

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Do I pay Aromahead when I buy from these sources?

No. Our site is a resource for members. All business transactions happen directly between you and the distiller.

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Are there sources for organic oils in the directory?

Yes. Every distiller and distributor in the directory has a significant selection of organic essential oils to sell. Some distillers are certified organic, others are growing organically but do not have the resources to apply for the certification. Each distiller will tell you which of their oils are organic. Every distiller and distributor in the directory is required to have some organic oils.

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Why is it valuable for me to buy directly from the distillers and distributors?

Essential oil distillers are often farmers. They dedicate their lives to this passionate and labor-intensive work of growing, harvesting, distilling and selling high quality essential oils. Farming is a challenging and physically intense profession. Distilling is an art and a science, and it takes tremendous knowledge and dedication. Buying oils directly from the distillers assures their continued work for those of us who desire the highest quality oils.

Essential oils have a shelf life and are best when bought fresh and stored in cool, dark conditions. Knowing when the oil was distilled, being able to buy it fresh, and not having the oil stored on a shelf in a store for an undefined period of time, is a valuable and rare opportunity.

Unfortunately, some essential oils are adulterated. They can be cut with cheaper essential oils or synthetic chemicals for a larger profit. Some of the oils sold commercially as pure essential oil are totally synthetic and have no therapeutic value. Some may even cause allergic reactions. When you buy essential oils from the distillers in this directory you will always be buying pure oil that has been grown, harvested and bottled with the utmost care.

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What is Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)?

Gas Chromatography is a method of separating the volatile compounds of an essential oil into its individual components. Mass Spectrometry identifies each of these components. Chemotypes will also be identified by this process.

GC/MS testing is used to both identify any adulteration and show the chemical makeup of the essential oil. Adulterated oils (or perfume oils) will not offer therapeutic effects and may in fact cause allergies, headaches and chemical sensitivities. The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are, in large part, determined by the chemical makeup of the oil.

Some companies provide just the GC report, others provide the GC/MS report. The GC/MS offers you much more specific information about what is in the oil.

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How will the oils be shipped?

In most cases the company can send the oils to you via Fed Ex. If the oils are sent in small enough packages and labeled as cosmetics or perfume, then the box does not usually go through customs. Our experience importing oils has been smooth and easy when mailed by Fed Ex. Be sure to ask the company you are buying from how they plan to ship the oils and what the cost will be. If they are going through U.S. customs you will incur a variety of extra costs.

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How long will it take for my oils to arrive?

This will depend on the distiller. It is always good to ask the company how long it will take until they ship out your oils. Sometimes it will take a few weeks from the time you contact the distiller until you receive your oils. It may also take them a week or more to email you in response to your first email.

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